Gibson ES 125

ca. 1950

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Gibson ES-125


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The Gibson ES-125 is an electric guitar model produced by the Gibson Guitar Corporation .

Introduced in the early 1940 's, the ES-125 was essentially an entry-level archtop electric guitar , equipped with one P-90 single-coil pickup and simplistic controls. The body styling was also quite basic with very little decoration and no cutaway. The unbound rosewood fingerboard initially sported pearl trapezoid inlays; later, it would have dot inlays.

ES-125 Electric Archtops.
Available: 1941 to 1970

1946 ES-125 specs: 16 1/4" wide, approximately 3.5" thick body, one non-adjustable P-90 pickup with "dog ears", pickup in neck position, tortoise grain pickguard, trapeze tailpiece with raised diamonds, single bound top and back, pearloid trapezoid fingerboard inlays, silkscreen logo, sunburst finish.

1950 ES-125 specs: dot fingerboard inlays, plain tailpiece, P-90 pickup with adjustable poles.


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