Luke Mercier Flushfret Banjo #36



© Luke Mercier, 2005; Photos by LM

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Entire length of the banjo is 34"


The body is 10 5/8 " across and 2 1/4" deep with a very full, rich tonal quality. The rim is 3/8" thick and is composed of maple outside and mahogany inside.

The neck is hand carved from mahogany and is reinforced with a medium thickness ebony fingerboard with ivory stepped flushfrets.
Neck Thicknesses: (22mm at nut, 25.6mm at 7th fret and 30mm at 12th fret position)

The length of the neck from nut to edge of rim is 18 7/16" and the overall string length from nut to bridge is 24 1/8 " which makes it a very comfortable 'D' neck

The fancy heel cut and 5th peg swirl are inspired by early A. C. Fairbanks banjos.

This peghead design is patterned after the less commonly seen Edwin J. Cubley peghead (Ravenswood IL, ca. 1880's). It has a Brazilian Rosewood faceplate. It is fitted with white pipped ebony friction tuners.

The tailpiece is hand carved from white bone with a slight yellowish tint with a Fairbanks Electric reproduction hanger bolt and nut. The hex end bolt is also a Fairbanks reproduction.


There are sixteen brackets in all. The nickel-plated double-pointed shoes are exact reproductions of early Fairbanks hardware as are the 1 3/4 round hooks with squared face and 1/4" Fairbanks #5 and #6 style square nuts.

High quality Spirit Varnish

The tension band is naturally oxidized 1/16 brass that is reddish-brown in colour, joined by two rivets.


Banjos inspired by middle to late 19th century banjomaking and beyond...


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