Luke Mercier Flushfret #1


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Banjos inspired by mid to late 19th century banjomaking and beyond...



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The overall string length is 25 5/8" and the entire length of the banjo is 35 5/8"


The body is 10 5/8 " across and 2 1/4" deep with a very dark, rich tonal quality. The rim is 7/16" thick and is a three veneer composition of maple and cherry

This peghead design has more commonly become known as an early Dobson or Buckbee style peghead. It is fitted with white pipped ebony friction tuners

The fingerboard surface of the neck has been darkened and has flush frets. Each fret is composed of one strip of maple with a thin veneer of ebony on either side. Represented frets are 1-5, 7,12 and 15 with the cutaway falling from the 19th fret to provide plenty of room to dig in . There are also three simple brass inlays; one at each end of the playing surface and a diamond shape to more easily locate the 9th and 10th frets. The length of the neck from nut to edge of rim is 19 1/16"

Setup and Sound:

This banjo is strung in nylon with good positive tension.
The 7/16 bridge is made from Walnut and the skin is real.(Goat Skin)

The neck is hand carved from cherry and is a good solid thickness.

(21mm at nut, 26mm at 5th fret and 30mm at 12th fret)


I use a very high quality Spirit Varnish followed by French Polishing techniques on all of my violins and banjos.


The eight centennial sheilds are bronze reproductions of those found on late 1870's instruments . Each is fastened with a brass slot head machine screw and washer. The hooks and hex nuts are brass. The brass tension band is hand folded and hammered, joined by two rivets at the tail end. The neck is secured with two screws matched to those of the period. The tailpiece is also handmade from brass.



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