Luke Mercier Fretless Banjo 2005

(Grand Cubley)
© Luke Mercier, 2005; Photos by LM

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The overall string length from nut to bridge is 25" Entire length of the banjo is 35"


The body is 13" across and 2 5/8" deep with a very dark, rich tonal quality. The rim is 3/8" thick and is composed of a single rib of oak with a long scarf joint.


The neck is hand carved from Black Cherry.


The ten centennial eagles and shields (six eagles and four shields) are bronze reproduction castings from original 1870's hardware. Each one is fastened with a brass slot head machine screw and washer. The hooks and nuts are also brass. The tension band is hand folded and hammered brass, joined by two rivets.


The peghead design is patterned after the less often seen Edwin J. Cubley peghead
(Ravenswood IL, ca. 1880's).

It is fitted with white pipped ebony friction tuners.

The tailpiece is hand carved from American Black Walnut and is finished with Spirit Varnish.


High quality Spirit Varnish

Neck Thicknesses: (22mm at nut, 26mm at 7th fret and 28.5mm at 12th fret position) The length of the neck from nut to edge of rim is 17 1/16"


Banjos inspired by mid to late 19th century banjomaking and beyond...


Setup and Sound:

This banjo is strung in nylon with good positive tension.
The 1/2" bridge is made from Walnut and the skin is real.(Goat Skin)


More than just a plunk!

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