Updated October 6th, 2009

Luke Mercier Handmade Banjos

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Model LM-D60

'The Dobson'


*  Silver Maple neck
*  25.5" scale length
*  Headstock based on 1870's H.C. Dobson & Sons with West African Ebony headplate
*  Ebony tuning pegs
*  Dobson style heel cut
*  West African ebony fingerboard - 4mm thick
*  Nickel frets
* 10-ply Maple rim with rosewood exterior
* 12" head with Dobson reproduction Silver Bell tone-ring
* Hand carved Maple bridge bearing Luke Mercier brand
* Brass tension hoop
* One-piece neck & dowel
* Brass bracket shoes, hooks and nuts
* Brass No-Knot style tailpiece
* Bone nuts
* Violin spirit varnish finish



*Please note that the photographs of this instrument were taken with the bridge out of alignment.


For more information contact:

346 Bateman Road
RR1 Spring Brook, ON
KoK 3C0


Inset: Luke Mercier - violin maker/restorer since 1991
Instrument: 1733 Antonio Stradivarius -ex "Rode"



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