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Luke Mercier Handmade Banjos

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© Luke Mercier, 2005-2011; Photos by LM, All rights reserved

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Violjo - Modern Minstrel

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Flushfret & Fretless Banjos
Maker & Restorer of Fine Violins & Banjos 

Ivory Flushfret #55

This custom banjo project boasts a J. B. Schall pattern peghead
with a flower pot inlay. The antique spunover rim, tension hoop
and dowel-stick were original to Schall. My efforts to provide suitable
hardware and a classic neck produced a very successful instrument.


Mercier-Shall-peghead Mercier-Shall-Front Hardware


Flushfret LM-40C ser. #64

This commissioned work was for a left-handed model
with a mirror image of the staggered fret pattern.

LM-C40-peghead LM-C40-hardware LM-C40-tailpiece LM-C40-front

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Luke Mercier Handmade Violins & Banjos
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© Luke Mercier, 2005-2011; Photos by LM, All rights reserved