Luke Mercier Stepped Flushfret #29


(a custom commissioned work)

© Luke Mercier photographs LM





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The overall length of this banjo is 35 1/4 "

The varnish is a high grade violin spirit varnish with a protective french polish overcoat. The shields are reproduction bronze castings.

This peghead is inspired by the banjo depicted in the painting 'The Banjo Player' by William S. Mount ca. 1856


The body is 10 1/4 " across and 2 3/16 " deep.

It is made from three plys.

This hand carved bone tailpiece is a Mercier original. The dowel runs through the rim as seen on early W. E. Boucher, J. B. Schall and S. S. Stewart Banjos.


Neck Material: A particularly stunning piece of curly American Black Walnut. String length is 25 5/8"

The double ogee marks the fifth, seventh and ninth frets with an additional knick to mark the twelfth fret.


The stepped flushfrets are white bone.



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