Luke Mercier Fretless Banjo


© Luke Mercier, 2005; Photos by LM

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Entire length of the banjo is 35"

String length - 26"

Distance from nut to scoop - 16 1/2"

Distance from nut to rim - 18 1/8"

The Ogee marks the 7th, 9th and 12th frets.



The body is 10 3/8 " across at the widest point and 2 3/8 " deep with a very full, rich tonal quality. The rim is 7/16" thick and is composed of 4 plys maple with a cap on the back edge for additional strength.

The neck is hand carved from Black Walnut and is finished with a high quality Spirit Varnish.
Neck Thicknesses: (22mm at nut, 25.8mm at 7th fret and 30mm at 12th fret position)

The neck and dowel are in one piece. The neck root is secured by two wedges and is let in through the first veneer at the tail end.

The dowel is branded with my personal name brand and is also signed and dated in a very subtle manner.

The shields are from my own collection of hardware designs offered only with custom banjo orders.

Cast in Bronze.

The ball ends of the hooks are a feature that will not snag clothing or cause injury.


This peghead design was rendered from the banjo depicted in the painting 'The Banjo Player' by William Sydney Mount c. 1854. The face is recessed slightly from chamfered edges. It is fitted with high quality pipped ebony lute pegs. The tuning knobs are slightly narrower than the more standard friction peg.

Very unique!





The tailpiece is hand carved from maple.

One of a kind!

The bridge is carved from Black Walnut for a darker tonal quality. This banjo has a very responsive sound with great projection and prefers a slightly lower tension head.







Banjos inspired by middle to late 19th century banjomaking and beyond...

Setup and Sound:

This banjo is strung in nylon with good positive tension.
The bridge is a 1/2 " Black Walnut with a 1 3/4" spacing.

The skin is real.(Goat Skin)

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