Luke Mercier
Ivory Flushfret
Banjo #49

(commissioned work)


On this banjo, my client chose the classic Edwin J. Cubley peghead as part of the design. The tuners are original period friction pegs handcarved in bone. The motif on the knobs was carried onto the peghead inlay and also to the tailpiece. This theme was my attempt to make these wonderful pegs seem like they really belong on this instrument. Hopefully they will stay!

The neck is constructed from American curley Black Walnut as is the body. The neck and dowel are one piece with the dowel extending through the rim. The heel cut is inspired by early A. C. Fairbanks. The hardware brackets are my own design based on images of brackets c. 1860's, cast in Bronze. The hook nuts, also Bronze castings are typical of those found on early W. Boucher jr. banjos.

The rim is 13" across and the stringlength is 24 1/8"


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