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Updated September 9th, 2008

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Traditional Violin Making in the Classical Style
Maker & Restorer of Quality Stringed Instruments since 1991

Birth of a Violin

The aim of this section is not to provide step-by-step instructions on
how to construct a violin but to serve as a pictoral documentation of
a more recent creation throughout its various stages of construction.

'Birth of a Violin' includes approximately sixty images starting with the
mould, block, rib and lining assembly followed by construction of the front
and back plates, neck and scroll, assembly and finally
the varnishing stage and setup.

As Violinists don't often get a chance to see the process, I hope
this essay will serve as a window view into a Violin Maker's world.


A Pictoral Essay - Birth of a Violin

includes photographs of a violin documented throughout the making process




A modern Minstrel Banjo with oversized 'Archinto' Stradivari viola scroll patterns



includes photographs of a violin in the making



a brief history of the maker 


purchase info - prices

commission a violin or viola


Luke Mercier & Rolling River - Music

Appalachian String Band music - Buy a CD or download Mp3's









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© Luke Mercier, 2005-2008; Photos by LM, All rights reserved