Updated August 6th, 2009

Luke Mercier Handmade Banjos

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Luke Mercier Handmade Violins & Banjos

maker & restorer of quality stringed instruments

Model LM-D60s -2009


custom commissioned work

serial #67 - 2009


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front side back head-angle


body-side body back body-bass-side


head-front head back body angle neck


*Audio Sample


I asked a lot of Luke. ...

I wanted a 1880’s Dobson Banjo but with modern amenities. When I first looked at Luke's web site he was not producing what I wanted, but I asked anyway. Luke was unfazed. He seemed enthralled with my project and set out on a year long effort to develop the features that I wanted in the banjo!  Now I posses an instrument that actually exceeds my expectations and is the envy of all my banjer playing friends. Luke was spot on with the look and sound of the iconic H.C. Dobson, Silver chime, yet it is every bit the modern player.


Your banjo is as fine a banjo as I have ever played. You do not need to concern yourself with how you compare to any other maker.

You have arrived. You Sir, are a banjo maker.  One for the ages.

Eddie Young
Birmingham, Alabama
July 4, 2009

Luke Mercier Handmade Violins & Banjos
346 Bateman Road
RR1 Spring Brook, Ontario
K0K 3C0


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