Updated October 25th, 2013

Luke Mercier Handmade Banjos

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Fretted Banjos

Flush-Fret & Fretless Banjos

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Historically Inspired Five-String Openback Banjos


Fretted Banjos Inspired by H. C. Dobson, A. C. Fairbanks and Vega


"The Dobson" LM-D60

The LM-D60 is an H.C. Dobson model banjo with a true vintage appearance.
It features a reproduction Dobson Tonering

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"The Dobson" LM-D60-s

The LM-D60-s is much like the D60 only it has a two-piece laminate neck and the
addition of a Dobson style brass plate at the top of the fingerboard.
This is a steel strung model with geared tuners.
Hardware may vary unless specified at time of commissioning a work

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front head body



This model offers the more typical oblong peghead, reproduction cast bracket shoes,
Rosewood interior and exterior on the body and a frailing scoop that incorporates the
iconic brass fingerboard extension. Laminate neck intended for medium tension steel strings.

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head body hardware


LM-F75 Professional

Handmade by Luke Mercier 2008

The LM-F75 is inspired by the very early work of A.C. Fairbanks only it has a two-piece
laminated neck with center hardwood spline and a Dobson Tonering.

The hardware is comprised of a handmade and plated brass tension hoop, cast reproduction
Fairbanks double pointed shoes and Fairbanks No. 5 & 6 reproduction hooks and nuts.
Neck material is Black Walnut and the pot is 12" diameter maple ply.
The varnish is high quality Spirit Varnish with a French Polished finish.

Option of Nylon, gut or steel string setup

Gallery Images, Audio / Video and Testimonial

LM-F75 Tailpiece


LM-F75 Student

Handmade by Luke Mercier 2011

The LM-F75 Student model is essentially a more economical version of the Professional
with an 11" body size and a synthetic head. It also has a laminated neck with center spline
with ebony fingerboard.

There is no peghead overlay and a more simple ebony heel cap. The hardware is comprised of
stock chrome shoes, 24 Vega reproduction hooks and nuts, nickel plated brass notched tension
hoop, Dobson tonering, No-Knot tailpiece and Vega style neck attachment hardware.

The tuners are Gotoh geared planetary. The varnish is also French Polished Spirit but is available
only in black with this model. Option of nylon, gut or steel string set up.

See and hear this banjo in action


LM-Vega 2010

A more recent neck replacement project

Watch video of Mary's visit to Luke's shop to collect and play her completed banjo

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© Luke Mercier, 2005-2014; Photos by LM, All rights reserved