Mercier/Schall Ivory Flushfret #55

J.B. Schall / A.C. Fairbanks Inspired

(Custom banjo project)



For this banjo project I was given an original J.B. Schall spunover rim ca.1880's with the original dowel and brass tension band to construct a banjo around. The aim was not to recreate an exact replica of a J.B. Schall but to combine my own personality with some Schall characteristics. I enjoy the freedom exercised with such projects.

The hardware consists of 24 custom brass ball end wall brackets with bent brass hooks and cast pyramid nuts.

The neck is hand-carved from American Black Walnut finished with a black Spirit varnish. It features a matching Rosewood fingerboard and peghead overlay. The Schall peghead exhibits a M.O.P. engraved flower pot inlay as seen on early banjos by this maker. The Ivory flush fret arrangement is typical of the period.

The string scale is 24 1/8" and the rim dimensions are 10 3/8" across.

Unfortunately the instrument was not photographed at the final state of completion. I hope to revise this page in the not too distant future.


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