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Across the Sea

The Music

The main idea behind the tunes chosen and written is that music is a constant living creation from many strands of human experience. Some of the most obvious in this recording would be the early African-American string bands, the Round Peak playing of Fred Cockerham and Tommy Jarrell, Kentucky fiddlers such as Clyde Davenport, Hiram and Art Stamper, Snake Chapman, early New Orleans jazz, Gospel, and even rock 'n roll. Old time music never was a retreat from other worlds of music, but part of the multi-cultural soup we swim in. The bottom line is we play music we like. We find these tunes incredibly fun, earthy and joyous. If anything we hope we're catching just some of the vitality and spirit we hear in those musicians we love - both those contemporary and those from and earlier age.

~ Tim Bergen

Track List

1. Five Miles From Town(stringband)

2. Lone Prairie ~ Hannah at the Springhouse (fiddle & guitar)

3. Fortune (stringband, vocal)

4. Janet's lil' Sugarshack(fiddle & banjo)

5. Cumberland Gap (stringband, vocal)

6. Yew Piney Mountain (solo fiddle)

7. Eighth of January ~ Texas Traveller (stringband)

8. Kitty Puss ~ Roses in the Morning (solo fiddle)

9. Handsome Molly ~ Across the Sea (Stringband, vocal)

10. Pat Him on the Back ~ Birdie (Fiddle & Guitar)

11. Pateroller'll Catch you ~ Po' Black Sheep (Stringband)

12. Suzanna Gal (Stringband, vocal)

13. Hog-Eyed Man (solo fiddle)



The Players

Tim Bergen - mandolin

John Sirdevan - fretless banjo

Sandy Klieb - acoustic bass

Jeff Cardey - guitar

Luke Mercier - fiddle, banjo


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