Updated January 26th, 2016

Luke Mercier Handmade Violins & Violas

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Luke Mercier Handmade Violins & Banjos

maker, restorer, dealer and appraiser of quality stringed instruments.


If you are considering commissioning a new work or purchasing an in-store item please contact for details The following is a current price list for Violin family stringed instruments made solely by Luke Mercier. Instruments may also be commissioned through Geo. Heinl & Co. Ltd in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Current Instrument prices are as follows:

Violins: 12,000.00 CAD

Violas: 14,000.00 CAD

Cellos: 30,000.00 CAD

Double Bass: 35,000.00 CAD

Basic Fretless Banjo: 2,500.00 CAD

Advanced Classical Flushfret Banjo: 3,500.00 CAD

Dobson Model Fretted Banjo: 4,000.00 CAD

Violjo (modern scroll head minstrel banjo): 5,500.00 - 8,000.00 CAD



We are currently accepting orders, however a one year waiting period could be expected.


Contact Info:

Luke Mercier Handmade Violins
346 Bateman Rd.
RR1 Spring Brook On,
K0K 3C0


Inset: Luke Mercier - violin maker/restorer since 1991
Instrument: 1733 Antonio Stradivarius -ex "Rode"



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