Updated November 23rd, 2008

Luke Mercier Handmade Violins & Violas

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Traditional Violin Making in the Classical Style

Maker & Restorer of Quality Stringed Instruments since 1991

Mercier Arching Correction




Born in Toronto, Canada in 1972, Luke took to music at a very young age. While completing his classical piano studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music with Antonin Kubalek in Toronto, Luke began his apprenticeship in Violin restoration at Geo. Heinl & Co. Ltd., in 1991

As a violin restorer of nearly two decades, he has come to treasure his experience of having handled, studied and restored many rare and important violins, violas and cellos. His most cherished restoration projects to date are of the 1689 'Baumgartner' Antonio Stradivari, works by Francesco Stradivari, J. B. Guadagninni, Tononi, Amati...

Luke currently works out of his home-based shop located in Spring Brook, Ontario

As an active musician, Luke has taken to performing with various players in Appalachian, Celtic, French Canadian and Bluegrass music circles.

Mercier Violins & Violas are made by commission.

Left: Clamping a hot sandbag necessary to correct arching of table.

Photo by Terry Bush - Shield Media - click to view newspaper article

Cello made by Gaspard Assalone - Rome c. 1699



Luke Mercier Handmade Violins

346 Bateman Rd.
RR1 Spring Brook, Ontario
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