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Updated October 15th, 2009

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  • Violin labeled 'Paulus Castello - fecit Genua Anno 1770' (8)?

(19th Century Bohemian -composite)


It is in our opinion that this lovely violin labeled Paulus Castello - Genua is a composite 19th century Bohemian instrument and is in excellent state of repair.

The well figured one-piece back and sides are of matching woods and the neck and scroll are of similar material. The belly was likely made specifically for this instrument during the late 19th century and exhibits characteristics of also being Bohemian. The varnish is a rich, warm amber colour.

The tone is very clear and even across the strings with good projection.

This violin was recently restored in our shop to a proper state of repair. No work needed!

This instrument would be suitable for either a hard working intermediate student at University level or as a secondary instrument for a professional orchestral musician.

    Length of belly: 357mm
    Diapason: 195mm
    String length: 329mm
    Width of upper bouts: 167mm
    Width of lower bouts: 207mm


    click images to enlarge

scroll front scroll b-side scroll back scroll treble
belly bass side back treble side


Price: $9,975.00 CAD









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