Timothy Bergen


Timothy Bergen is a violin maker and restorer from Toronto, Canada. His interest in violins began as a player, growing up in Beatrice, Nebraska (he played in a high school string quartet). Tim received professional training at the Newark School of Violinmaking, England, graduating with distinction in 1982. Since then, he has worked in his native Canada at the Geo. Heinl & Co. violin shop.

The Heinl shop is Canada's oldest violin house, currently presided over by Ric Heinl, who represents the fourth generation of Heinl violin makers/experts/dealers, and who has given some help and attention to the Stanford University collection of musical instruments.

Tim has worked with many fine players and instruments, including the members of the St. Lawrence Quartet. Some recent career highlights are the restorations of the 1729 "ex-Heath" del Gesu violin, the 1700 "Taft" Strad violin, the c.1696 "Bonjour" Strad cello - all associated with the Canada Council Musical Instrument Bank - and this past year, Geoff Nuttall's 1770 J.B. Guadagnini violin.


Tim will be available to share his twenty five years experience in violin work with a pictorial story of the restoration of Geoff's violin, a general discussion of the history and care of the violin family, and in individual/group examinations and sound-adjusting of your instruments.

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